Black Vs Female

Let me start this post by clarifying something: I’m going to write this in English so that I can piss some Americans.

Last couple of days I’ve watched two documental movies that mirrors the misery that United States of America has become.

“Shut up and sing” is the story of a successful country band called “The Dixie Chicks”. The lead singer of the band committed the “error” of saying in the United Kingdom, during a concert “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas”.
Has a consequence, the most perfect example of democracy in the world responded having their singles removed from the radios stations, promoting manifestations in concerts and dragging their names through the mud. In one of their concerts, Natalie Maines had to perform under a death threat: “You will be shot dead at your show in Dallas” was send trough an anonymous letter.

Sicko, this one is a famous one. Michael Moore, once more, decided to expose one of the black spots of the perfect nation: Health Care. How is it possible that a fucked up country like mine (Portugal) has better health care that the U.S.A.?
Does an American feel like he lives in a great country when “heroes” that worked in the Ground Zero can’t get medical support from their government and have to go to Cuba to be cured for free?

Taxi to the Dark Side – this one is the hardest to watch. It is about an afghan taxi driver that has arrested and beaten to death. Why? Because the higher ranks told the militaries to do it. Because the government didn’t restrain the mentally hurt soldiers from discharging everything in innocents.

I am very interested in the “fight” between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It's almost like a movie. The fight between good and evil. The problem is: who’s the good and who’s the evil one? One is black and the other is a women. I believed racism would win this one. Surprisingly, both prejudices are strong.
Personally I prefer Obama. Not that I thing that a women couldn’t do the job, I just prefer that the next one isn’t a cold bitch. Why bitch? Because I wanted to insult her and I like the word.
How can you trust the White House to a person that has humiliated by their husband before the entire planet and didn’t dump him? This bitch his capable to shut up and swallow (unlike Miss Lewinsky) because she is ambitious. The political aspirations where above their character. She will swallow again.

I would respect Hillary if this was part of a plan to get even with Bill. If she wins the elections, I hope she hires a lassie-boy to take care of the job.

I don’t hate de U.S.A.
Taking apart some millions of citizens that re-elected George W. Bush, I think it’s a good place to

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  1. Ouch!, you pinpointed some sensible points. :-)

  2. Quando ao Barak e à Hillary, venha o Diabo e escolha. Não creio que depois consigam chegar à Casa Branca. (Estás melhor?)

  3. Gostei muito da tua frase: "I just prefer that the next one isn’t a cold bitch. Why bitch? Because I wanted to insult her and I like the word." Muito bom! :) Podes pensar que não mas o facto de teres respondido a um comentário meu em outro blog ajudou-me.

  4. Jaime, not even one of them is located in Hillary's body.

    Gaja, vá de lhes largar o fogo.

    Ana, Barack! Temos duvidas?

    Patrícia, algum comentário de teor laboral?

    Nota - Corrigi os links do post.

  5. E terá o Barak estofo para ganhar aos republicanos?... Estarão os americanos dispostos a ter um presidente Afro-Americano com um nome nada Anglo-Saxónico?!...

  6. KKK Vs Minorias? O que eles mais têm para lá são minorias...

  7. Pois... talvez a minha fé na inteligência do pessoal que detém o poder de votar esteja pelas ruas da amargura :/
    A grande minoria dominante tem sido a dos WASP (white anglo saxon protestant).
    Vamos ver no que é que isto vai dar!